Chiefs advise against compensation demand

The western Solomon's traditional money, Bakiha
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CHIEFS, elders and leaders of Kolombangara Island have called on their people to refrain from any unnecessary compensation demands in the wake of the recent killing of a school girl on the island.

The leaders made the statement in advance to remind those who may intend of doing that.

“We must dissociate ourselves from any compensation demands that were outside of our agreed resolution,” they said in a statement.

“Compensation can only be pursued when perpetrators are identified and charged,” they added.

“We cannot stake our demands left and right without legal justification.”

The statement further adds that families and parents who were employed around Kolombangara must share the sadness with the immediate families of the deceased.

“We wish to assure workers and members of the public around Kolombangara and its surrounding communities that as responsible leaders, we will continue to work with Police and other stakeholders to ensure justice is served.

“On the same token, we also appeal to workers from other provinces and islands to respect our children, girls and women.”