Choiseul province moves on after changes to leadership


CHOISEUL Provincial government has reconciled and ready to move on with the province’s business after the motion and election of new premier.

Speaker of Choiseul Province, Greg Sokeni said a brief reconciliation ceremony occurred after the voting of new premier.

This occurred between the ousted premier and the newly elected Premier, Benjamin Harrison.

He adds that both leaders also exchanged words of encouragement to each other after the declaration of the voting.

Sokeni said the election of new premier and deputy speaker was done peacefully without any disturbance from the public.

“The voting was done through a secret ballot and the results are as follows; we have two candidates for the premier post and the result was 10/6 in favor of Harrison.

“Only one candidate was nominated for the deputy speaker’s post as such the winner was unopposed,” he said.

Sokeni said swearing in of the premier, deputy premier and executive portfolios have been completed on Monday.

He said the next task is to facilitate an Assembly meeting as soon as possible so that the leaders can table the province’s review budget for the remaining months of this year and next year.

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