NWGDA begin 2021

Part of the Crowd that took part in the registration of the Association.
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NORTH West Guadalcanal Development Association members officially commenced their 2021 programmes with registration of members to continue to achieve the association’s aims and objects.

Chair if the association Simon Chottu said NWGDA members met on Saturday to officially commence 2021 since registration started back on February 12.

Chottu said he is delighted with the turnout of the meeting and would like to thank all the members for turning up.

Chairperson talking to those who were present at the meeting.

“This is our first combined meeting to officially start 2021 and your attendance and commitment is what motivated me to continue to push and strive to achieve NWGDA aims and objects,” he said.

Chottu said one of the major focus for NWGDA this year is, provide all necessary support to our members to achieve NWGDA aims and objectives through commercial trade and production.

“We will put high focus on our Agriculture/livestock sector where 75 percent of our members is under, followed by Fishery, Forestry, Youths and Heath sectors,” he said.

Chottu said recently they have established a network connection with Sape Farm to grow cassava. Sape Farm donated a truck load of Cassava stalk for NWGDA, where they target to plant six hectors of Cassava producing 18 tonne per month. This is just the start of the road to support members of the association through commercial activities.

Members doing their registrations

“We have other crops such as Noni, kava, coconuts (copra), cocoa etc which we plan to do the same with.”

“We will also put high priority on any relevant training, workshop or awareness programs that is required for our members throughout this year as well,” he said.

Chottu said furthermore, they have other programmes lined up including our famous Bulk market where they started last year. By providing an avenue for their Garden farmers to sell their produce in bulk to their customers in Honiara.

Members listening attentively

“All our programmes and activities will be shared on our social media platform Facebook and Instagram @NorthWest Guadalcanal Development Association,” he said.