Malaita's Political Advisor, Celsus Irokwato Talifilu
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Sasako serves his own interest

Malaita province political advisor Celsus Irokwato Talifilu has hit back at Sasako report saying he is in Taipei to hold talks with Taiwan political leaders as false.

In fact, he is in Australia to prepare health arrangement for Premier of Malaita province Daniel Suidani.

He said this is import because he has been referred to seek medical attention in Honiara but due to lack of proper facility in Honiara, they have to seek medical attention overseas.

Talifilu instead describes the recent front page on Solomon Star “Malaita Political Advisor Reportedly in Taiwan” as nothing but the continuation of Sasako’s litany of liars, fabrications and insensitivity.

“This is not surprising because Sasako has history of promoting propaganda and twisted stories through print media to promote his personal and self-interest agenda.

“The legacy of Sasako’s cunning approach is easily found in the public domain.

For example, Sasako’s involvement and promotion of the failed Evita investment in East Fataleka said to have operated from a tourist motel in Honiara.

Talifilu allegedly claimed Sasako twisted stories that landed him a lucrative $62, 000.00 a month salary with the ACP in Brussels then unceremoniously booted out due to double dipping. As expected, Sasako ended up blaming two other Solomon Islands MPs for the ACP decision.

“Between 2010 – 2012 Sasako was hired by Phoenix a New Zealand company to promote it’s business interest in Solomon Islands. He unleased powerful articles about the promises of the Phoenix investment but then the investment turned out not to be genuine.

“Perhaps one of the self-interest and ignorant statement by Sasako was the “Storm in a Team Cup.” Sasako arrogantly made this statement in the media as Minister of State downplaying the ethnic crisis when it started. We all know what happened but thanks to our neighbors for coming to our rescue.

“The headlines and the story Sasako made about me being in Taiwan on the front page of the Solomon Star was an eloquent one that reflects his propaganda, fabricated and twist media writing approach. But we all know that when Sasako writes or makes a statement in the media it is all about his self-interest.

“For example, Sasako spins the Taiwan and China story as way of promoting his interest with China and its presence in Solomon Islands. Sasako is a supporter and promoter of China through his connection with Pacific China Friendship Association. He was the vice president of the Solomon Islands China Friendship Association.

“So Sasako is a man on a mission who continues to promote Communist China into Solomon Islands,” Talifilu

He has taken an extraordinary attitude in using the media to mesmerize the public of Solomon Islands about all the glory that will come since Solomon Islands diplomatically switched from Taiwan to China.

“In the greater scheme of things, it is obvious to say that Sasako’s recent article about me is yet again a clear demonstration of the litany of twisted stories and propaganda in the media that Sasako continues to promote in pursuit of his self-serving interesting,” he said.