CE Fox concludes academic year on high note


Assistant Bishop and Diocesan Bishop joining the staff of CE Fox during the parade.

LAND disputes have greatly affected Charles Elliot Fox Memorial School in Sa’a, Small Malaita.

Students’ performance were said to be affected over the last eighteen years. However, it is not all doom and gloom for the Anglican Church of Melanesia’s Secondary School in the Diocese of Malaita (DOM).

In DOM’s Newsletter, it was reported that land owners finally reached an agreement to allow the school to continue with its development plans.

In recent months, all school projects were put on hold because of disputes over the land where the school is located.

Speaking during the school’s graduation ceremony, School Principal, Solomon Liumae, said despite the challenges, the school was able to complete the academic year successfully.

“Thanks be to God”.

At the same time, Bishop Rickson Maomaoru Chairman of the School Board, in his speech had expressed the importance of the school striving to achieve quality education for students’ wellbeing and future.

This   year’s   graduation   theme   was ‘Resources, Reformation for Quality Education’.

“No doubt the school is blessed with wealth of resources such as trees and land. When properly utilized and managed, CE Fox can be able to implement its school development plans as well as enhancing students’ learning now and into the future”, Bishop Maomaoru was reported to say.

CE Fox Memorial School is the only ACOM School in the Diocese of Malaita and currently the diocese is trying to establish another school in Central Malaita.

DOM reports through its Newsletter that it is quite a challenge to deal with land issues in Malaita.

“But we believe through persistent prayers and faith, we can achieve what we set ourselves to achieve”.

During the Diocesan team’s participation in the graduation ceremony, one of the outstanding features of Anglican education, based on Bishop Selwyn’s education philosophy, ‘True Religion, Sound Learning and Useful Industry’ was truly evident in the life of the staff and students at CE Fox Memorial School.

CE Fox Memorial School celebrated the feast of Saint Simon and Saint Jude, the patron saint of the school recently together with its graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremony took place following the church service to commemorate the Saints day.

Hundreds of parents and family members of students from Sa’a and surrounding communities in Small Malaita attended the significant events.

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