Catholic archbishop announces temporary measures for coronavirus


THE Catholic Archbishop of Honiara Archdiocese, His Grace Archbishop Christopher M Cardone OP has announced some measures for Catholic communities to take to prevent the spread of coronavirus, starting on Saturday, March 15.

A statement from the Catholic church in Honiara yesterday said these measures will be temporary directives in Cathedral of Holy Cross and other Catholic churches.

The Archbishop expressed that while there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Solomon Islands, it is good that measures are taken to help prevent a possible spread of the sickness.

These measures are; that all ministers of holy communion to wash their hands before distributing holy communion and it is to be distributed only on the hands to avoid the spread of saliva on the tongue, only the priest is to receive the precious blood, no exchange of the Sign of Peace by shaking hands which can be replaced by the Japanese custom of bowing your head to your neighbour.

“Holy Water fronts at the entrance of our Churches are also not to be used as it could spread sickness.”

Archbishop Cardone said the directives are temporary until there is some control or lessening of the virus.

He also recommends that people stop the spitting of betel-nut in public places, sharing of smoke and lime and using each other’s cups, spoons or towels to prevent the virus.

“We pray for healing for thousands of people around the world who are suffering from this sickness and we ask God to bless scientists and doctors that they may soon find a cure for Coronavirus,” he said.

The Archbishop said it seems that most people who have gotten sick are of old ages, both men and women who have some type of existing sickness.

He strongly encourages the public to care and look after them and keep them away from anyone who is coughing or spitting.

“God bless all people of good will in the Archdiocese and God bless Solomon Islands,” he said.

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