Caretaker PM accepts apology of former DCCG MPs

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THE Caretaker Prime Minister (CPM) Hon. Manasseh Sogavare MP has acknowledged and thanked former DCCG MPs, for coming to his residence to reconcile their differences that were presented during the MNC, in both a Christian and Cultural manner by apologising for their actions and confessing their mistake to resign from the government and support the MNC that removed him as PM to cause political instability.

In a low key reconciliation ceremony, 15 of the MPs each spoke in turn to personally express their regrets with some acknowledging that they have learned from their mistake.

The Caretaker PM humbly accepted their apologies and thanked each of them for coming forward as National Leaders to reconcile their differences with him at a personal and cultural level.

“Anyone can make mistakes, but being able to recognize, admit and learn from ones mistakes is an essential leadership quality that demonstrates humility and integrity” said the CPM.

The CPM stated that he appreciates the courage and commitment of his former Ministers and Backbenchers, to put aside politics and seek genuine reconciliation at a personal level based on Christian and cultural values.

The CPM further stated that this ceremony is only between the 15 MPs and himself and does not impact on any political agenda.

The reconciliation was marked with cultural exchanges and ended with a word of prayer.


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