Hou slams DCC

MP for Small Malaita Hon. Rick Hou is being nominated to run for PM onbehalf of the DCC Group
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A day before election PM candidate bites back on partner, ‘DCCG was never stable’


MEMBER of Parliament for Small Malaita Hon Rick Hou has dumped the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) in the shadows, saying it has never been focused and has always been unstable.

Hou made the statement in an exclusive interview with Island Sun yesterday.

He bluntly declared that ever since the DCCG came into power, it has always been unstable and was never fixedly focused.

Hou is the Heritage Park Hotel’s candidate for the Prime Minister post for the PM’s election which will be held tomorrow in a secret ballot.

Hou told the paper that the intention of his party’s shift to the caretaker Government was clear from the very beginning.

“We were never offered money and our intentions and objectives as a group were very clear,” Hou said.

This was because there already existed unstable mechanisms from within the then Government itself which then eventuated in the resignation of the group of Members of Parliament (MPs) that joined the Opposition.

Hou however strongly commended the DCCG for having good policies and a very good budget.

“But then again, the budget is only as good as it is implemented,” Hou added.

Hou told Island Sun that it is only in the best interest for his party, the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) and the nation as a whole to have a stable Government.

This, he added, was why his group always made sure they provided sharp watchdog roles as the then Official Opposition Group.

He then added that the caretaker Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare has always been focused and adamant to have policies implemented, but the country’s cash flow issue and pendulum forces within the DCCG were its only setback.

Hou then told the paper that should he be elected the next Prime Minister, they will carry about focuses from the predecessor Government and make sure the country’s cash flow is all well, work collaboratively for the best and interest of the nation.

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