Lobbying to form next gov’t in West underway


LOBBYING for the Western Provincial Executive has reached both sides claiming 13 members each.

Western province has a total of 26 wards meaning both camps are tightening their grip to hold on to their existing numbers.

However, a report alleges that one of the camps are expecting another three leaders to join their side.

This will bring the number of one of the camps to 16 – an absolute majority and likely they will move to establish the executive government if the report is true.

“It is still game-on at the moment. There is no clear indication which camp has the number and when will one of the camps pull the last string and get the number.

“It seems to me that the winning camp will be determined in the next two to three days,” an insider told Island Sun Gizo yesterday.

This paper understands that there are two camps that have been identified and are now tough on lobbying to form the new executive.

Earlier last week, one of the elected leaders said cheap and greedy politics is not good for Western province and its people.

Freedom Tozaka stressed that the only for Western Province to move forward is for elected leaders to compromise and form a strong government to serve the people.

On Monday December 26, Speaker Adrian Gina shared similar sentiment saying that Western province needs a stable and strong government to drive the province going forward.

“Divided and we will be still in the losing side of our development aspirations,” he said.

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