Call to stop selling of land


A traditional landowner has called on foreign businessman Patrick Wong to stop selling land at Lungga, Henderson, Tenaru, Tenakaro and Foxwood in east Honiara.

Outspoken Gaubata tribal spokesman representing the Lungga Mamata Association Timothy Urobo jnr made the call yesterday.

He said Mr Wong who lives in Sydney, Australia has been selling land in the area without consulting the local traditional landowners.

Urobo said Wong who was in Honiara last week had caused “great disruption” to the people who live in the area east of Henderson International Airport.

He said Wong had been selling parcels of land to Asians and this too is a great source of disagreement between the landowners and Asians.

Urobo said Wong does not have any authority over the traditional land.

“Hence I hereby on behalf of the people of North Guadalcanal Plains, call on Mr Wong to stop selling our properties because if he continues there will be negative reactions from the land owners.

“Similarly where will our children build their homes if all our traditional land is being taken by foreigners?” he asks.

He says this disruptive land dealings should stop now so as to avoid future conflict in this country.

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