Call on HCC to inspect buildings within City boundary


The Honiara City Council (HCC) is being called out to address the huge numbers of sub-standard or semi-permanent buildings in the capital.

Many of these buildings were reportedly built without prior permission from the HCC and do not meet HCC building standards.

Honiara City Clerk, Justus Denni, recently highlighted that any building built within the city’s boundary must obtain approval from the Council.

He said within the Honiara City Council (HCC) they have the Local Planning Scheme committee to look into applications seeking permission for construction of buildings within city boundaries.

He said failure to secure such approval could result in the demolition of unauthorised buildings.

However, concerns have been raised that contrary to Clerk Denni’s statements, Honiara city is saturated with sub-standard buildings.

A Honiara resident Stanley Nohe gives an example, pointing out existing structures along the Mbokona Road, particularly those situated opposite the six-storey building at Point Cruz.

The concerned resident questions HCC whether those buildings were erected with proper approval from the HCC.

“HCC should clarify the public on these issues because most buildings built within the HCC boundaries, I doubt it they got approval from the council,” Nohe said.

He pointed out that not only were these buildings constructed without proper authorisation, but they also fail to meet the necessary construction standards, being labeled as semi-permanent structures.

In accordance with the Honiara City Council ordinance, individuals intending to erect buildings are required to submit two copies of detailed plans for each floor, sections of each storey, and elevations of the building.

These plans should be drawn in a clear and intelligible manner, adhering to a scale of not less than one inch to every eight feet.

The ordinance serves as a crucial framework for ensuring that all construction within the city complies with safety and quality standards. Failure to adhere to these guidelines not only violates city regulations but also compromises the structural integrity of buildings, potentially endangering occupants.

Therefore, Nohe said the lack of action by the HCC in addressing the unauthorized structures along Mbokona Road and other areas within Honiara town boundary raises concerns about the effectiveness of the council’s monitoring and enforcement mechanisms.

He said Honiara residents are left questioning whether the HCC has the capacity to safeguard the city’s urban landscape and uphold the standards set by its own ordinances.

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  1. HCC fail to address growing squatters around Honiara City. The ones behind the road that leads to bokona behind the Anthony saru 6-storey is a worst case because it is located just a few 100 meters behind point cruz

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