Call for swift police action into HCC saga

LONG-TIME Honiara resident and elder, Jonathan Futai has urged the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) to be prompt and serious in their investigations into the controversial Honiara City Council (HCC) saga.

Over a year ago, the media explicilty expose a handful of corrupt practices within the HCC as a public entity, involving Councillors, the former City Clerk, and staff within the Council’s Accounts & Finance department.

Up until now, the Police are still investigating and no arrests have been made.

Therefore, Mr Futai is now calling on the Police Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau to advise his officers to help speed up the investigations.

Futai said the important thing for Mr Mangau to consider is the fear that the Police and Community Policing program might not be effective for communities in Honiara, if the HCC saga is not dealt with accordingly.

“Police must consider the cries of the people of Honiara and quickly conclude the investigations into the HCC saga and arrest those that are involved.

“The HCC saga with the increase in the amount of corruption within the council, the people of Honiara wants to see justice prevail in the end.

“This HCC saga involves a lot of corruption. If such corrupt practices involving millions of dollars are not seriously dealt with by the Police, and they continue to arrest people for petty crimes within the Honiara Communities, how do you expect residents to obey the rules,” Futai questioned.

Mr Futai also questioned the Police investigation as to why it took so long for them to make arrests as some documental evidences are already with them.

“The Police must take serious consideration into the HCC saga because some of the evidences that they need are already in the HCC audit report, the sacked deputy treasurer’s report, and the one compiled by the former Finance Chairman, Councillor Billy Abae, and others.

“I am being told that the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will also be calling another inquiry into the latest report compiled by former HCC Clerk, Rence Sore,” Futai said.

He also wishes to inform Police Commissioner Mangau that the people of Honiara City are watching the investigations into the HCC saga very closely.

Last month, Mr Mangau said they are still collecting evidences on the Honiara City Council (HCC) saga before they can constitute any charges.

Mangau explained that the audit report involving the ‘HCC saga’ is available with them. But, they are collecting evidences in terms of court proceedings and investigations.

“The complaints was received from the Home Affairs and referred to National Criminal Investigation Department (NCID) to investigate it,” Mangau said in response to complaints raised by the public over how police is handling the HCC saga.

“However, it was refereed to us early this year and therefore it will not be quick as how we expect it because there are evidences that police needs to collect,” he said.

He said they are trying to find evidences to support them in the court proceedings and investigation before they can constitute charges.

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