Call for Christians to keep away from cults



A PROMINENT church leader from one of the mainstream churches in Malaita has called on all Christians to stay neutral and refrain from interfering other religious groups.

The church elder who want his name withheld mentions this following reports of the cult movement in Malaita.

The church elder encourages every Christian to stay calm and respect each other in all ways of Christian life.

The man said Christians should not compare each other in the name of one god where everyone believes in.

“Let’s focus on our own church traditions rather than pointing finger to others.

“I want all Malaitans to concentrate on their personal work of meeting family and house whole needs where their children will be benefited,” he said.

However, majority of people in Auki have criticised the movement, labelling it as false and misleading.

The criticisms have led to an argument between members of the movement resulting in an argument at Fulikafo village along road in central Kwara’ae in Malaita province.

It reported that a conflict occurred between the movement supporters and non-supporters after realising nothing happened as promised by the movement.

A member of one of the mainstream Christian churches in Solomon Islands says the movement’s doctrines and predictions are not true and impossible for people to believe.

“We are all Christian believers of one god that everyone has to work to earn living.”

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