Positive outcome for Oxfam Australia in Solomon Islands


OXFAM Australia – Solomon Islands branch has continued to register positive outcome with its projects in the Solomon Islands.

Oxfam Australia is one of the NGOs established itself in the country with eight partners implementing seven projects which described as very successful and have delivered positive outcomes to improve rural livelihood in Solomon Islands.

According to Oxfam Australia statistics, 10,000 people among the total of 609, 883 people have benefited with their project and are slowly improving in their lives.

This statistic are distributed as 22.7% among the total population are living in a life with less than $1.25 USD per day adding 19 .5% don’t have access to safe water.

According to Oxfam surveys, Solomon Islands is small in geographic size hence people are still facing the complex challenge similar to other developing nation.

One of the major factor to the challenges is that, majority of Solomon Islanders live in widely dispersed villages with scattered settlement classified as rural settlement from urban.

It is stated that only few opportunities are available for people to generate income to sustain their livelihoods.

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