Bore wells for east Mala communities

Malaita Provincial member for ward 14, Preston Billy, second left, with members of Clean Water for Life ready to ship equipment for bore wells to East Malaita.
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ABOUT 4,000 people from Atori to Kwai Island in East Malaita will have access to bore well water sources.

This after a Non-Government Organisation, Clean Water 4 Life ministry is working in collaboration with Malaita Provincial Member for ward 16, Preston Billy to co-fund drilling equipment, pipes and cement bags to establish 17 bore wells in the constituency.

The cost of all the equipment to establish the project is around $119,000.

Billy said bore wells suite well for individual communities compared to water supply that attracts a lot of land disputes between the people.

He said people can access water directly from bore well without any issues because they have ownership over it.

He said unlike water supply sources, many people claim ownership over it and could result in land disputes.

Team leader of the project, Kellison Apuapuri Sirioda said these are standard bore wells.

He said they work according to World Health Organisation drilling standards to establish them.

Sirioda said the duration of completing the work is around three weeks.

Previously, he said his team have established 11 bore wells in ward 18 from Olomburi to Sinaragu in East Kwaio.

Sirioda said bore well has no other contaminations because it accesses ground water.

CW47 has brought smiles to thousands of people in the remote villages from Shortlands to Makira Ulawa to date through established 850 bore wells so far.