Border police urged to display professionalism

Police officers patrolling the Western border with Bougainville. PHOTO ABC
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PREMIER of Western Province has called on police officers managing the Western Border to display professionalism when handling issues.

Christian Burley Mesepitu made the call following reports of police manhandling two fishermen from Buin earlier this month.

According to the report, two fishermen sustained injuries alleged to be caused by police in a confrontation at sea.

It states that the two men were out fishing between the Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands border when the incident took place.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau has refuted this report.

However, a new report has emerged and this time, the mother of one of the boys alleged that the incident did took place and that her son sustained injuries from the confrontation.

Elaine Tobaea whose husband is part Malaita expressed her disappointment calling the Commissioner of Police to tell the truth.

Speaking to Island Sun Gizo, Mesepitu said such unfortunate incident should be avoided if professionalism superseded emotions and anger.

He said people residing in both side of border have traditional connections valued for years, as such, handling of the border issue must align with culture and traditional sensitivity.

“While I applaud the great job done by our police at the Western Border, I kindly ask our officers to handle issues professionally to avoid further disagreements between parties.

“One that note, I kindly ask our good people from the other side of the border to respect the border as we are not in a normal situation.

“We are all fighting against common good and that is to protect our people from COVID-19. This is very important and our cooperation is paramount,” Mesepitu said.