Police investigate human remains found on beach


POLICE are investigating human bones found on a beach near Lata, Temotu province.

The bones were found by children who were playing along the beach.

Speaking to the media in a press conference yesterday, Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said a team of investigators from the RSIPF Serious Crime Squad and Forensics are in Lata following up on the case.

He said the case was reported in by a group of children from Luava village who made the discovery on Friday, May 31.

Report reaching police said that the children discovered the bones after having dug a 20-centimetre hole near the beach.

Mr Varley said currently police are yet to verify that the human remains belonged to any particular person.

However, a person was reported missing in 2017 from the province, and this is the first lead which police is working on.

The Forensics team will obtain DNA samples from the bones which will be compared against samples obtained from relatives of that missing person.

“It’s too early for police to speculate but it’s important for people to know that investigation is ongoing,” Mr Varley said.

Police are calling on anyone in Temotu who may have information to contact the police and give them information which may be of useful to police enquiries, Varley said.

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