Dissolution looms for Renbel provincial government    



RENNELL and Bellona Provincial Assembly is in danger of being dissolved after it reached a fourth ‘election tie’ over its search for a new premier and government yesterday, in Tigoa.

The 10 provincial members of Renbel had earlier reached two 5-5 ties in two elections on Wednesday this week. They then adjourned for yesterday hoping for an answer.

But, after another two rounds of voting yesterday the results were still locked at 5-5.

Anothony Tamaika of Ward 3 and Eric Tagaibasa of Ward 4 are the contenders for the premiership post.

The maximum number of election tie required by the Provincial Government Act and the provincial standing orders is three.

However, even with an additional voting conducted, the tie remained.

It is expected that the Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Mr Anthony Veke, will issue a dissolution order to the province.

Clerk and speaker of the province are expected to travel to Honiara to meet with officials from the Ministry to look into how the province will be governed.

Provincial clerk, Felix Tahua, indicated there is a likelihood that the Ministry will appoint someone to supervise the operation of the province.

Tahua said upon dissolution the 10 MPAs that were elected have all become ordinary people in the province.

He said for the time being, administration work of the province will be looked after by Renbel provincial staff.

Tahua said fresh election for the province may happen after one year.

He said there was a sense of guilt among the 10 MPAs but the law has taken its course.

This is the second time the province experienced dissolution.

The frustration of the people in the province is evident on social media.

Some stated what had happened shows that the short-lived MPAs have no serious business in forming a government for the province.

Others said what the province had experienced depicts the lack of togetherness the people in the tiny province had.

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