Black-listed logger ordered out of Ngella


A sub-contractor linked with a logging company blacklisted for its history of non-compliance with the business licence of the Central Province has been asked to leave its operations in the Mboli passage on Ngella.

 Logging company, Gulf Three Ltd was reported to have conducted illegal operations at Supare, Mboli passage as sub-contractor to Tropical Resources Development Company Limited (TRDCL), a company that has not been in good standing with the Central Provincial government.

Central Province Provincial Secretary (PS) Alan Christian Siale said the province is reminding the company to remove all machines and employees out of the Provincial Jurisdiction for not having the approval of the Executive as there is a logging ban or large-scale felling of trees within the Province.

“They do not have a valid business License to mill or conduct tree felling within the Provincial Jurisdiction,” Siale said.

He states that TRDCL does not have any Provincial Approval to fell large scale volumes of trees within the Province.

“TRDCL application to mill timbers license has been denied by the Provincial Executive due to its unsustainable quota requested for milling of 60,000m3 at a rate of 4,000m3 per month.”

Siale said this is contrary to the Forestry Act, which provides a lesser volume per annum.

He said TRDCL has outstanding business licence owed to the Province for its past operations. TRDCL is a black listed company in Central Province.

“TRDCL is not in good standing with the Province for non-compliance with business license.”

Siale said that TRDCL & GULF THREE Company Ltd are operating without an Executive Approval and without a valid License.

“You are reminded to stop work and remove your machines and non-local employees back to your base,” Siale said.

He stressed that a check by the Police and Forestry should confirm that TRDCL and GULF THREE Company Ltd do not have the approval of the Province on milling and logging.

Therefore, Siale said that they do not have business licenses to operate in Central Province jurisdiction hence are operating illegally outside of the legal framework of the Forestry Act of Solomon Islands.

Comments are being sought from TRDCL.

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