Billy Veo new Premier for Western Province


BILLY Veo has pulled a majority vote to win the Premier’s election today.

Veo got 25 votes while his rival Edward Ngava got 1 vote.

The result was welcomed by Gizo general public.

The crowd gathered outsite Chacha building came alive cheering when Speaker of Western province announced the result.

A spectacular display of honor was made by Royal Solomon Islands Police force to welcome the new Premier.

Assembly will be suspended until Friday next week.

According the Speaker, Ramrakha Talasasa, the task is on the new Premier to appoint his executive.

“We are expecting the executive to be appointed this week, given that we are running behind schedule.

“It is my office’s interest to speed up the process so that we can appoint the Provincial Public Account Committee to look at the Supplementary budget as well as the 2023/2024 Appropriation Ordinance,” he said.


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