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Gov’t told to push ‘project development’ in Malaita


FORMER Prime Minister Rick Hou has reiterated the call for Government to aggressively pursue development of national projects in Malaita.

The projects include Bina Harbour Fish processing; Bina Wharf and Port Development Project; the new Kilu’ufi Hospital Project, Auki Township Road Infrastructure project; and the Malaita Main Roads Infrastructure Programme.

He acknowledged the central government’s contribution to Malaita Province through the Provincial Government Community Development Fund (PGCDF) and via the Rural Constituency Development Fund.

“So, the point made by the Minister for Provincial Government that central government continues to support Malaita Province development programmes is correct.

“However, these should not be confused with the call for Government support towards national projects hosted in Malaita Province,” he said.

“As well, that Malaita Province receives greater amounts through its provincial annual grants is a function of the current method of calculating grant assistance to provinces, which will be similar proportions in the proposed revenue sharing scheme.

“As a matter of fact, in terms of provincial grants per capita, Malaita province would be one of the lowest, comparatively speaking,” he added.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said the past and current governments always prioritised national projects in Malaita because of its population.