Bemobile partners with Seif Ples to offer toll-free support for GBV survivors


Bemobile is teaming up with Seif Ples in a significant partnership. CEO Devan Kula has signed an agreement to provide Bemobile subscribers with toll-free access to the number 132.

This partnership is all about recognising the outstanding work of both organisations, especially Seif Ples’ support for survivors of gender-based violence. It’s part of the Child Fund Impact Project, which aims to strengthen crisis response services for women, children, and youth in the Solomon Islands.

CEO Kula said Bemobile has a zero-tolerance policy on violence and is happy to partner with Seif Ples to promote their work in protecting the people especially victims and survivors.

“We are proud to offer this support to you and we look forward to working with you in other future projects,” Kula said.

Meanwhile Seif Ples Centre Manager Brightlyn Beauty than Bemobile for their support towards them.

She explained that Seif Ples had one project with Child Fund and one of the project’s key goals is to expand access to the Seif Ples Helpline, especially in rural areas. Previously, victims using Bemobile networks couldn’t make free calls to the existing service provided by Solomon Telekom Company Limited. But now, Bemobile will offer toll-free service on line 132, absolutely free of charge.

In return, Seif Ples will cover the one-time installation cost of the toll-free service, give Bemobile shoutouts in their activities, and provide valuable training on gender-based violence to Bemobile staff.

This partnership is a significant achievement and a step forward in promoting safety, protection, and recovery for survivors of gender-based violence. It allows more people to report cases of abuse and seek support.

Seif Ples has been operating a national 24/7 helpline since 2015, initially exclusive to Telekom users. Now, with Bemobile’s support, this lifeline becomes more accessible.

Child Fund is providing financial support for this project, ensuring its success. The collaboration will continue for 24 months, with the possibility of renewal in the future. Together, Seif Ples, Bemobile, and Child Fund are making a positive impact in the Solomon Islands and beyond.

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