Be responsible to your rubbish

DEAR EDITOR, I think the above topic is not a new thing but I would like to share my opinion so that the public could rethink on how to behave and act when coming to rubbish disposal.

Firstly, I would share what I had witnessed.

Yesterday, I was travelling in a public bus with a woman and her three children sat beside me.

Along the way they ate some snacks and when they finished eating, the mother held those plastics nicely and threw them out off the window.

However, to my expectation she would take them nicely and dispose them at the right place but that scenario surprised me to see a woman in about her 30s for doing that and so I stared at her for a minute.

While staring at her, these three questions prompted at the back of my mind, firstly, what did she expect when leaving the rubbish behind?

Secondly, who will be responsible for that rubbish?

And finally did she know that she is educating her children for acting irresponsible?

Again, all good citizen of Solomon Islands, we must understand that the cleanliness of this country especially Honiara City depends on us, therefore, be mindful to our behaviours and act responsibly when coming to rubbish disposal.

I reiterate my call to be responsible by applying these 3 Rs, Reuse, Recycle and Reduce to stop littering and help keep our country clean.



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