Students late in their classes every morning

DEAR EDITOR, this concerns the problem of students standing so long in the bus stops in the morning.

I as a concerned parent and a resident of Honiara, I urge the government to look at the problem as one of the important issue for them to address it as the students are our leaders of tomorrow therefore they should be treated as important as they were our asset in the near future.

After the Honiara Town Council stopped short routes, they also cease the licence of foreigners who own buses, not to provide service.

This caused many inconvenience to the student who have no private vehicles and used to catch buses every morning because there are only a few buses owned by Solomon Islanders providing service thus students arrive at their respective schools very late.

Some schools in Honiara have school three tone pickups paid by their consistencies but are not being used to transport their students.

I think it is best for the Principals and the school committee to start thinking seriously to provide transport for their students every morning along the bus stops.

Therefore the schools in Honiara should have their own school buses to transport their students to schools rather than waiting for public buses in the bus stops for so long. The government, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development ( MEHRD) should increase the budget for each schools to afford to buy their school buses.

I urge that the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance should present the increased annual budget to the parliament this year for them to look at the issue of our students and to ensure pass the budget.

We should look at our student more important as they are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Marlysah Steven


USP SI Campus

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