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‘Be more proactive in your roles’



DEVELOPMENT Services Exchange (DSE) chairman, Inia Barry calls on DSE and its members to be more proactive in their roles to ensure that they represent the views of their members.

He also stressed the need for them to strengthen their partnerships with the government and private sector in order to work together as a nation to support key targets and goals within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as they align with the National Development Strategy (2016-35).

Barry went on to say that DSE’s financial year has been rewarding and challenging.

He added that although DSE has gone through some rough patches in past years, the current board and management are pushing efforts to not only better serve DSE members but to meet their mandate by strengthening their governance and prioritising their core mission.

Barry said for DSE to move forward, they must work together and support each other through innovative approaches with the goal to serve the people.

“In order for us to take DSE forward as an organisation, we need to work together and support each other through innovative approaches for the common good for our people,” he said.

DSE is the national NGO umbrella body in Solomon Islands established in 1984 to facilitate and coordinate development services for NGOs and their partners.

There are currently 65 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) who are members of DSE.

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