Solomon Islands in 2018 DIVE travel awards

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SOLOMON Islands made it into the Top 10 scuba diving destinations in the world.

At the 2018 DIVE Travel Awards, Solomon Islands is placed as the 5th top scuba diving destinations as voted by readers of dive magazine.

Claiming first position is Indonesia, followed by the Philippines, Egypt, Maldives and Solomon Islands claiming the 5th position.

The hotspots for scuba diving as highlighted in the awards are Guadalcanal, Marovo lagoon and Gizo.

The Second World War wrecks are named as excellent dive spots including the scattering of tiny island, reefs and seamounts around Gizo.

208 nominations were received and over 30,000 individuals had cast their votes over three categories. Dive Magazine reports that many people took an active part in the 2018 DIVE Travel Awards.

The process took six months and DIVE Magazine say it is really interesting to see the ebb flow as the votes take shape.

“Some people decided to make an early start of it and get their votes in first, others chose to leave it until the last few weeks to mount their campaigns,” DIVE Magazine say.

DIVE Magazine reported that the vote has changed significantly from last year.

“Where the Azores, Mexico, Bahamas and Thailand which placed third, fourth, sixth and eight respectively in last year’s destinations category didn’t make it through this year’s Top 10.

“Instead Australia, Palau, Galapagos and the Solomon Islands have rounded out the list of winners,” DIVE Magazine reported.

Indonesia had been in the lead in 2017 and this year reclaimed the top position as a scuba diving destination.

Neighbouring Melanesian country, PNG is in sixth position, while Australia is placed eight, Palau in ninth position and Fiji claiming the 10th position as top diving destination in the world.

A total of 71 destinations, 461 dive centers or resorts were nominated by DIVE’s readers. Only top 25 in each category were sent through for the final vote.

DIVE Magazine for the 2018 Travel Awards also thanked operators who took the time to circulate their nominations across their websites and social media channels and to the divers who signed up took a few minutes to cast their votes.

DIVE magazine is said to be the world’s leading scuba diving magazine.

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