Balancing Country economic demands with environmental challenges

By Ezekiel Talatau

Deligation attending the green pacific ports.

THERE is growing pressure on ports and shipping to slash emissions in the Pacific region.

Reaction to this, the South Pacific commission (SPC) and the Secretariat of the South Pacific Regional Environmental Protection (SPREP), implanting fund under the green pacific ports pilot projects.

Solomon Islands as one of the pacific countries along with Tonga to boost an initiative to promote balance environmental challenges with economic demands in ports, by (SPREP) and (SPC).

A green pacific ports project manager and a maritime port advisor Mr Sitalingi Payne told Island Sun that, the green pacific port is a 1 year pilot project implemented to improve environment with in the ports area.

He added that, the project will also focus on development of strategic, legal and quality legal framework to meet a proficiency and sustainability of ports operation.

The project will also dealing with the energy efficiency and carbon footprint, implementing climate changes and disaster risk management.

This initiative project will also change ports to green and low carbon pacific maritime industry, he added.

Green pacific ports this year is their first visit. After 1 year of working, the team will be back to monitor the progress of the projects.

In terms of policy, Mr Yoli Tom’taravala a Policy and Legal advisor stated that, he is working on the policy to support the environmental laws, marine pollution and handling of waste in the ports area. This will guide ports authority when dealing with the environmental issue within the ports boundary, he added.

With response to energy resources, an Energy consultant Mr Bruce Rowse, stated that, reducing use of energy is significant. Last year, average of 8% of carbon been emitted, which approximately to 15 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Changes of staff, reduce of use of energy can contributes in reduction of greenhouse gases he added.

Mr Sitalingi Payne also said that, The Solomon Islands ports Authority (SIPA) are very cooperative in supporting this project with the same concept which is also a significant sights the country a currently addressing locally.

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