Axiom gets Isabel nickel project mining lease

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AXIOM KB Mining Limited has been granted the mining lease for the Isabel nickel project on San Jorge island.

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Bradley Tovosia signed off the lease on Wednesday.

In response to the mining lease being granted, Mr Tovosia encouraged landowners to work closely with the company and thanked them for their patience throughout the process towards lease attainment.

“I encourage the landowners to work closely with Axiom, and I congratulate Axiom on obtaining this Mining Lease and thank them for their patience going through our government’s statutory process.

“I also thank the chiefs and landowners for their patience.

“The nickel mine will become an important part of our economy, and we are grateful for Axiom’s collaboration and guidance at this time.”

Axiom Mining Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Mount said, “I congratulate the landowners, Minister of Mines and the ministry staff.

“I’m very encouraged by the overall leadership from the Prime Minister and the Mines Minister to get to this point.

“I look forward to working with the landowners from Isabel and, in particular, the Tripod of Isabel Province.”

“Axiom’s genuine partnership with landowners, sustainable development plans and always abiding by the laws of the land is both a morally Christian and a practical way to do business.

“We’re looking forward to the next stages of developing this important project and we will not divert from this path.”

Dr Phil Tagini met with the Minister of Mines for the formal issuing of the Mining Lease on behalf of Axiom Mining.

Tagini said, “Axiom has spent significant time carrying out exploration in Solomon Islands, but it is happy that from now on it can begin to pursue mining and be called a mining company.

“What has brought us here is partnership, transparency and common enterprise. We will pursue even stronger partnerships as we progress to the mining stage.

“This includes partnerships with the national government, provincial government, churches, chiefs, landowners and other stakeholders.”

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