Authority steps in over discipline-lack


THE reported plunge in student discipline in the Central province’s premier school, McMahon Community High, has forced the provincial government to hold an open forum on Monday this week, it is reported.

Classes were suspended after 9am to allow students and staff to join the day-long conference with members of the Central Islands provincial (CIP) government and concerned parents to discuss the issue and find resolutions.

CIP’s Minister of Education and Deputy Premier Selwyn Luga had to chair the forum in response to recent report of Police in Tulagi arresting an 18-year-old male secondary student on April 13 after being found in possession of Marijuana drug.

The recent issue over the arrest has now drawn the line in no tolerance over lack of discipline by students of the school being experienced since the beginning of this year, said the provincial Minister of Education.

“This issue of arrest has become a National report because it was released on social media and on radio after the Provincial Police Commander (PPC) of the province released its news item.

“There are only two things, students discipline and at the same time, school leaders should show good examples too. This mainly goes for school teachers.

“Since January and now in April from observation, nothing has been done or changed in certain student’s attitudes usually involving themselves in bad and illegal activities.”

Mr Luga said the blame cannot be on teachers alone too as parents are also responsible for their children’s behaviour.

Regarding the open forum held, the Minister of Education said it was successful on the understanding that they will be addressing the issue.

“A lot of the teachers, parents and guardians did not have much time to talk because of the limited time we had but discussions will be continued in a Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting to be held this coming Sunday as there are around ten resolutions that were gathered after collecting decisions from teachers, students and parents,” said Luga.

During the Open Forum, parents, teachers and students had openly stressed and discussed their concerns through many areas they were not happy with and also that are beneficial for the improvement of the school.

School teachers speaking to Island Sun expressed their appreciation for having the chance to openly discuss with the education authority, provincial government, stakeholders, students and parents of the school in which they said they are looking forward for the continuance of their meeting.

Luga also added yesterday that the decisions on student’s discipline after their compilations in meeting must also be carried in all the other schools of CIP.

Resolutions will be completed during the upcoming PTA meeting this coming Sunday at Tulaghi.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that smoking of marijuana by youths within Tulaghi is raising great concern for parents and leaders of the former Capital Town.

CIP’s PPC, Superintendent Patricia Leta said the arrest of the student was possible through information from the public, alleging the student was using the dangerous drug.

Community members of CIP are now asked by the PPC to pass any information about the transactions of the illicit drug, where it is grown and who uses it, so that the police may bring those involving in such activity to face the law.

Leta added that Marijuana is illegal in all aspect in the country and everyone must work together to ensure this drug is ridded from communities.

Tulagi Police and Yandina Police Stations can be contacted on phone numbers 32117, 32999 and 7652044.

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