Australia announces awards for students to study at RTCs

Education Secretaries together with Australian Government Acting High Commissioner Sally-Anne
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ACTING Australian High Commissioner Sally-Anne Vincent has announced that Australia through its Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) has awarded 125 students to undertake studies in selected Rural Training Centres.

Ms Vincent said out of the 125 awardees, 54 are young women and girls.

She said the scholarship awards will continue in 2023.

She said education is at the forefront of Australia’s support to the Solomon Islands and TVET remains the core pillar of its education program.

“TVET is key to economic development, it plays an important role in all economies providing practical and technical skills needed to make core industries drive”, Ms Vincent said.

She said 125 young people will have the opportunity to undertake their studies in the selected RTCs, and qualification can be undertaken in Agri-business, Automotive engineering, carpentry and construction, Tourism and Hospitality.

She also said that new opportunities for young women and girls on new direction programs will also be introduced.

 The program is a first of its kind to be established in country, and it is to deliver introductory training to women and girls on male dominated areas like in the trades and areas that only men and boys are involved and trained in.

Meanwhile, APTC Country Director, Abigail Chang said APTC always makes sure that the training they provided meet the standards of what the employers need.

She said Australia has supported APTC to expand and currently through support from the Australian Government, APTC now has 10 national training providers in the country.

The three national training providers are San Isidro and Kaotave in Guadalcanal and Garanga in Isabel province.