New education initiative for schools with form 6 on Malaita

(Second from right, front row) is Mr Celsius Talifilu, Dr Edgar Pollard and Premier Daniel Suidani join heads from 11 schools in the province who attended the symposium in AUki yesterday.
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THE Mala I Tolo Indigenous Guardianship Trust (MITIGT) group through its education Initiative component will pilot a block study course for 11 senior secondary schools on Malaita province.

The program is a new initiative, and falls in line with national guideline policies including the education action plan with the incorporation of environment and culture into the course.

A symposium for Malaita school leaders, partners of the program was held in Auki on Friday to inform them on the initiative and gather inputs for the program.

Coordinator of the Education Initiative component, Dr Edgar Pollard outlined that MITIGT was set-up in partnership with the MARA government and in line with its restorative economy policy direction.

He said this is also in response to the Malaita Moratorium passed by the MARA government to protect areas 400m above sea level also known as sky island.

Pollard said through the establishment of the trust, they have sourced funds to pilot the education initiative under MITIGT, targeting schools with form six classes in the province.

He explained that the block course has four components; Maths, English, IT online learning and Tolo which includes environment and culture.

Pollard said for Maths and English, it’s basically to help the students as part of their preparation towards exam this year.

He said under IT and online learning component, it is important students interact with online systems like laptops and tablets to prepare them for online learning in the future.

Pollard said the last component is Tolo, which incorporates the environment and their culture under the study course.

He said the course has a 20hrs duration and is planned to roll for two to three months starting next month.

Pollard said the course will be carried out by mentors who will be recruited by MITIGT and based at the schools under the subvention of the program.

He said mentors will be providing extra hand support to schools, especially for form 6 tutors to prepare students for their exams.

Pollard also said, MITIGT will help install internets in schools and provide basic IT equipment like laptops and tablets for the course.

He said an added benefit of the course is students who complete the course will be eligible to a small school support towards their tuition.

Pollard said MITIGT will pilot its education initiative program this year for schools with form 6, and next year it may roll out to other forms.