AUKUS to provide security for Indo-Pacific: US delegation


The United States delegation to Solomon Islands has explained the AUKUS partnership as providing security for the Indo-Pacific region.

National security council coordinator for the Indo-Pacific, Dr Kurt Campbell, who led a delegation on a one-day swoop visit to Honiara told local media this on Tuesday this week.

He said AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom & United States) is a new security partnership which is an effort to respond to a rapidly changing security environment in the Indo-Pacific.

Campbell echoed this during a press conference with the local journalists on Tuesday.

He said Great Britain and Australia are two of United States’ very important allies and partners who are committed in a peace loving and also committed to non-nuclear policies especially deeply engaged in the Pacific particularly Australia.

“I think the view is AUKUS was an effort to respond to a rapidly change security environment in the indo-pacific it is not meant to pro proactive but it is defensive and its goals are to secure Peace and Stability in the Indo –pacific something that we believe    is in the best interests of all the people.

“I would also say that Australia, Great Britain and United States want to be open and transparent about the details associated with this initiative. Australia has strongly reassured partners in the region of their determination to continue to adhere to the Treaty of Rarotonga and we support that and we also believe that it would be critical to continue with that understanding of the people of the Pacific,” Campbell said.

AUKUS is a new security partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States established in September 2021. It is a new security partnership that will promote a free and open Indo-Pacific that is secure and stable.

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