Auki public query new Malaita govt policy launch promise


Members of public in Auki are questioning when the new provincial government under Premier Martin Fini will launch its policy framework.

The men say they Malaita public would like to know the political roadmap for the province since it is now three months since the new government came into power.

Their spokesperson said during the 2022/2023 revised budget meeting, Premier Fini announced in his keynote address speech that the policy will be launched in a matter of two weeks.

The spokesperson said that two weeks has long passed, and there is still no policy launched as promised.

He said shortly after the revised budget meeting, the assembly convened its full assembly meeting and again Fini announced the launch of the policy in a week time.

The man said still nothing happened and since then the policy is yet be to launched.  

He said that this is the policy in which will direct the province and it must establish now considering the limited time MNGFR will lead the province.

The man said it’s time to work and such important document must prepare in time so that MNGFR have time to translate the policy.

On that note, he called on the technical group within MEDI that tasked with the formulation of the policy to speed up with the work on the policy.

The man said being without a policy is like a captain without a course to navigate its vessel and that the ship will just wander.

He said Malaitans don’t want to be wandered with the development aspirations they have and they want a course to navigate their ambitions forward.

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