Auki police urged to hunt expired vehicles



PUBLIC in Auki have urged the Auki police traffic officers to work extra hard to identify expired vehicles in Auki.

A concerned citizen, Barton Lobo told this paper yesterday that he wants to see Auki police traffic officers hunt for the transport owners with expired vehicle licence and to arrest them immediately.

The issue of expired vehicle needs to be addressed, Mr Lobo said.

He said it is very important for transport owners to have proper licences and to renew their vehicle licences rather than breaking the law and practising a no-care attitude.

“This practice was often seen especially back in the rural areas where some expired vehicles are being used on roads away from the eyes of the police. I remember Auki police has done a very fine job in Auki last week doing traffic checks for public transport which shows transport owners should work together with the police to maintain law and order in the provincial level.”

Lobo also urged the traffic officers to extend their check points outside of Auki town along the north road, south road area to hunt for those expired vehicles during their routine on vehicle check.

“I raised this concern on behalf of the travelling public especially for our safety when traveling in the public vehicles. I urge Auki police to arrest transport owners who have expired vehicle licenses and drivers with no licenses to face justice and lay charges against them because they are breaking the law.”

Lobo made reference to a fatal accident at Fouala on Wednesday, where it was believed that an expired vehicle carrying passengers from Gwaifai clinic to Fouala claimed the life of 15-year-old boy.

“Vehicle owners should be reminded to take precautions and do necessary repairs and servicing to their vehicles frequently for the safety of their passengers and the public,” Lobo said.

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