Auki police raids kwaso makers at Fiu



AUKI police have raided a kwaso production site at Fiu village in the suburb of Auki town, Tuesday this week.

The raid was made possible through the support of Fiu community where a substantial amount of kwaso products was confiscated.

PPC Malaita, superintendent Lesley Kili said yesterday the raid was conducted on the afternoon of Tuesday after they were tipped-off by members of the community.

He said the raid was carried out and unfortunately the suspect escaped with the cooking apparatus whilst police confiscated kwaso products worth around $2,000.

Kili said although the suspect has evaded arrest, police have gathered all his details and will continue to follow-up until his arrest.

He warned that the raid is a caution to whosoever is brewing and producing kwaso wherever in and around Auki town.

Kili said a number of kwaso hotspots is known in and around Auki and they will get there in a matter of time.

He also called on communities to take-up similar initiative to what Fiu community did by working together with police to combat crimes in communities.

Kili said combating of crimes should be everyone’s business and one way to combat it is by working together with the police.

He said this will ensure all homes and communities are peaceful, harmony and safe from illegal activities that only brings negative atmospheres in the community.

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