Tei’ifi advocates support and cooperation for Bina Harbour development project


Claudius Tei’ifi, member of Parliament for West Kwaio Constituency, is urging comprehensive support for resource owners as they prepare to participate in the proposed Bina Harbour development project, a significant initiative set to take place in Malaita Province.

Tei’ifi emphasised the importance of providing substantial support to resource owners in their preparations for involvement in the project.

He stressed that as the relevant Ministry and various agencies proceed with the technical paperwork for project development, it is crucial to ensure resource owners receive assistance and are not left to navigate the complexities on their own.

“In carrying out the development of the different technical paperwork by the relevant Ministry and different agencies that are involved in the project, I request that adequate support must be rendered to the resource owners in their preparation to be part of this project development. Preparation by the resource owners must be supported. They should not be left alone to sort themselves,” said Tei’ifi.

Additionally, Tei’ifi appealed to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and particularly the Provincial police in Auki to be vigilant and responsive in addressing potential criminal activities that may attempt to disrupt project activities.

“We do not want to see the actions of a few selfish individuals disturb the program and project activities on the ground. On that, I call upon my good people of West Kwaio, especially those living around the Bina Harbour area, to respect our laws and those working on the project,” he emphasized.

Tei’ifi underscored the importance of resolving grievances through proper channels rather than resorting to unlawful actions.

“We are people of culture, where respect is the cornerstone of our culture and heritage. So I call upon my good people to refrain from causing disturbances that will only ruin your character and good standing in our communities,” he added.

As the Bina Harbour development project progresses, Tei’ifi’s call for support, cooperation, and adherence to the law echoes the need for a collaborative effort to ensure the success and smooth implementation of this vital initiative in West Kwaio Constituency and the broader Malaita Province.

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