Afio community fix damaged wharf after years of non-action by government


RESIDENTS of Afio in Small Malaita have voluntarily built a temporary walkway for their wharf.

The government sub-station’s wharf was heavily damaged more than a year ago, leaving the end to stand alone in the sea, separated from the rest of the wharf and shore.

The walkway bridges the gap, allowing passengers to board the ship, which anchors at the wharf’s end.

Afio community leaders decided to work on the walkway after years of futile waiting for the government to fix the wharf.

Senior Administration Officer (SAO) for southern region under Malaita province, Mr David Mane said the work started two weeks ago.

“The idea to build a temporary walkway to the wharf came about because of this Christmas festive. The walkway was damaged years ago, but we want to welcome people to Afio with something new.

“Afio is the gateway to small Malaita, south east Malaita and even parts of west Are Are, and we want the traveling public to enjoy the wharf during this festivity.

“So, we set up a committee and they spearheaded the work by organizing segments of Afio substation to contribute to the work on the wharf-walkway,” he said.

Mane said residents of Afio contributed what they could afford which included fuel, to cut and transport timber for the walkway, stones, manpower and others.

“The work is purely voluntary work and we want government to take it from there and build a proper wharf at its substation.

“Also, the project is first of its kind to happen at Afio and it shows sometimes people can do things by themselves rather than waiting for the government.

“This is a mindset we should have by being responsible for ourselves and do what we are capable of doing to help ourselves,” Mane said.

He said the completion of the walkway to the wharf has made it ease of access to the travelling public and the people of Afio are proud of it.

Mane said a temporary fix was made on the walkway of the wharf, but they want a proper wharf to be built by government for growing subcenter.

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