AstraZeneca vaccines to be used on Malaita, but no politics involved: Dr Danitofea

Deputy Premier, Hon Randol Sifoni (left) and Supervising provincial health director, Dr David Danitofea (right) are cutting the launching ribbon to officially open the roll-out of
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SUPERVISING Director of Malaita provincial health, Dr David Danitofea says that only AstraZeneca vaccine will be used in the vaccination roll-out program for Malaita province.

He confirmed this during the launching of the vaccination program in Auki on Friday.

Dr Danitofea said there are two vaccines; sinopharm and AstraZeneca which are administered on the current covid-19 vaccination roll-out program in the country.

He said AstraZeneca will be used in the roll out program for Malaita province and this is the vaccine health workers will go around with during the course of the program.

Dr Danitofea said reason for vaccine is not because Malaita province saying no to China, they had been given with the vaccine, so “no, it’s not politics.”

He explained that there is no political rationale associated to the use of AstraZeneca in the province; rather it’s basically due to logistic reason.

Dr Danitofea furthered that the two vaccines have different timeframe of picking-up the second doze and that must be clear.

He said for Sinopharm; if a person vaccinates today, it will take only a few weeks to take his/her second doze unlike AstraZeneca where it can take longer period before their second doze.

Dr Danitofea said considering that they have decided on AstraZeneca so that it gives a thorough time for the successful roll-out of the vaccination program.

He said the other main motive was due to logistic challenges that the provincial health face as they will be slow to catch-up with the second doze if they are to apply sinopharm.

Dr Danitofea clarified that there is no politics or whatsoever behind the use of AstraZeneca in the province if queries are raised on that.