Aqorau optimistic 2024 full staff


Professor Transform Aqorau, SINU Vice Chansellor is optimistic that SINU will begin this year with full complete staff.

In his personal reflection for 2023, Aqorau said last year the institution has been without substantive Deans for some of the faculties for most part of the year.

He said this is largely due to suspension and non-performance.

However, he said the national university has just completed the process of recruiting Deans for most of the faculties.

“We have just completed the process of recruiting Deans for the faculties and that has been very important, remember that 2023 we have been without substantive Deans for some of these faculties for most part of the year largely to suspensions and non-performance.

“But we now in control of the process and have been able to complete the recruitment process so I’m really looking forward to starting the new year with the full complemental of staff.

“As required by the SINU Council, SINU is also advertising the position of Pro-Vice Chancellor Corporate and Pro-Vice Chancellor Academic.

“These two are very important positions too that are coming up and I hope that we would be able to fill them with competent people.

“In terms of reforms, I expect and hope that we would have a revamp investment arm for this year where some of the cost centres are generating their own revenue.

“I came from a background where we have to earn our own salary in the PNA before I came here. So I’m very much used to the idea of operating as commercial.

“We have a certain components of the university that are commercial and therefore I expect that we would have the reforms necessary for us to be able to put this business and investment arm on a different pedicel.

“Also I would like to see PhDs and masters’ program develop this year.

“Not only that but, I would like to be able to see more reviews of our academic programs.

“We have to review all our academic programs then we will be working on the accreditation that is important.

“Let me just explain, accreditation is not just a simple process of a plan, it’s the documentation, and they will come and evaluate the whole documentation, plus the qualification of the staff, and everything.

So that is why it is important because that process will then inform us about the staff having to go overseas for further training.

So they will come and access all of that before we can have considered, and I want us to do with both in Solomon Islands and Australia standards.

“Working with this new group called the Australia Volunteers Associations will be doing that for all of our programs.

“I hope to see more research collaboration and reforms in 2024.” Aqorau said.

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