Is Andrew Radcliffe a lawyer or a mourner?

DEAR EDITOR, your competitor on Thursday November 9, 2017 carried a letter in the Letter’s to the Editor’s column titled, “Sasako and his trumpet”.

I have always thought that Andrew Radclyffe is a lawyer until I read it.

Now I know he is just a mourner, human like all of us.

On the matter of Kelvyn Alp, I stand by him and what he did.

He like many, many other investors and potential investors was stopped at every turn by officials and others who wanted to milk him dry.

You would be foolish to continue.

That’s a fact people like the learned Radclyffe is too proud to acknowledge because of greed.

Kelvyn gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money to sporting organisations, charitable causes individuals and the cost of alluvial mining activities at Sutakama.

He got nothing back.

I have yet to hear about Radclyffe parting with anything except cheap shots.


S Alfred Sasako

West Honiara

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  1. Alp put none of his own money in – it was all scammed from New Zealand investors who were left pennyless – shame on you Sasako – I thought you called yourself an investigative journalist …

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