ACOM Head calls for calm

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM), the Most Revd Leonard Dawea, is calling on all members of the ACOM in Honiara and throughout the country to refrain from participating in illegal activities, including the wanton destruction of property and looting of businesses.

The archbishop is very concerned about the destruction of both private and public properties as witnessed yesterday and pleads with ACoM members, in particular our youths, to respect one another and remain at home at this very volatile situation.

He also calls on all Church and Community leaders in and around Honiara to advise your youths against these activities.

Involving in violence can only hurt ourselves as we are now experiencing with the sudden lock down of Honiara which has now resulted in many struggling to survive.

 The Archbishop acknowledges that people may be frustrated by what is happening in our country regarding our political leadership, but there are more peaceful means of resolving these than resorting to violence.

At the same time the Archbishop is calling on the political leadership of this country to listen to our people’s concerns and to appropriately address them.


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