Abuse of G vehicles by HR managers

DEAR Editor, I am very concerned that G Vehicles are continually abuse by Human Resource Managers of some Ministries.

Human Resources Managers are those who are well informed by the government vehicle policies and should abide and oversee the implementation the G vehicles policies and guidelines set down by MID and MPS.

Ministries’ HR Managers should lead by example and should carry out the implementation of those policies, instead they showed other government officers bad precedence/examples to follow.

Those very obvious HR Managers who often abused the G vehicle policies are HR Manager of Ministry of Lands and Customs Excise.

Though they are other HR Managers who are also doing the same unethical practice.

Moreover, this raises the question of those respective Permanent Secretaries capabilities in terms of their roles to monitor and control their officers from such inappropriate actions.

Human Resource Managers should be role-model for other employees in any organisation settings, re-directing others behaviour towards good employees.

J Diau


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