No short bus route

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DEAR Editor, as a student of the University of South pacific in Solomon Islands had concern on the above matter.

When investigated about the short bus route, there are few buses that running the short bus route and it seems to be one of the issues that really affects movement of people every day when waiting for the bus.

Likewise, I really concerned on that matter because it was really an exhausting things for people every day when waiting for bus.

Although, I am insist on the regulation by the city council is again violated by many bus drivers and especially the buses operating on the east Kola roads which mainly borderline.

The issues in borderline to SDA route, and borderline to Talise is back to the normal scene which affecting the public traveler, particularly students and the workers whom they always late for work and class.

I on behalf of my people in East Honiara kindly asked Honiara city council to take tougher actions and policy against those buses that involves in that matter, because these operators have no respect for the department of council by laws which Honiara city council ( HCC) stated as a laws for every public service especially bus.

The solution which suggested on that matter is, government should provide big bus to operate with professional and hearted persons to drive so that it can help the students and the workers to be on times to schools lesson and the worker at office.

Therefore, any bus that breach the action set by the department of the HCC should be dealt with seriously.


Michelle kava