79 nurses get full registration

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SEVENTY-NINE new nurses received full nurse registration yesterday.

They have acquired the part-two full registered Nurse Registration after completing their 12 months Nurse Supervised Practice programme which began in October, 2019.

Minister for Health and Medical Services and guest speaker of the Nurse Registration Ceremony Dr Culwick Togamana said the 79 nurses are added capacity, resources and values to the overall health services works force in the country.

“Today as you look back, what you learn from the founder of nursing can be the way forward to addressing the issues challenging the professionalism and practices of nurses.

“The challenge now is for this group of young nurses and every other nurses to have compassion, trust, person-centered care and work alongside evidence, statistics and leadership.

“As you look back in history in order to nurse the world to health, there are challenges that must be addressed.

“These include ensuring high performing health systems, addressing inequality and the social determinants of health, providing cost-effective quality care professionals through high value healthcare services,” said Togamana.

He said in terms of the Role Delineation Policy of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is aimed at improving health services and making health services available, accessible and affordable to the people. It encourages primary Health Care, and palliative care of the sick. MHMS will ensure that the policy is implemented to address the challenges stated above.

“Let me reiterate that the focus of the International Nurses Day theme for 2020 which is Nurse: A voice to lead, Nursing the world to health is about nurses being carers, healers, educators, leaders and advocates. Nurses are fundamental in the provision of safe, accessible and affordable care.

“May this year 2020, the International year of the Nurse and Midwife bring about change for this group of newly registered nurses and all the nurses serving in this country in the areas of nursing workforce management and nursing practice to contribute to the provision of safe, accessible and affordable care,” said Togamana.

He further adds by congratulating all partners and sectors who have contributed and supported the newly Registered Nurses.

“At this point, I wish to congratulate the Ministry of Health and Medical Services through the National Nursing Administration, the Nursing Council of Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands National University and Pacific Adventist University, National Referral

Hospital and Atoifi Adventist Hospital, Honiara City Council Health Services, Guadalcanal, Malaita, Central, Makira Ulawa and Rennell Bellona Provincial Health Services for their part in developing these young nurses over the last four years to finally realise their achievement today (yesterday),” said Togamana.

National Director Michael Larui, on behalf of Nursing Council of Solomon Islands, MHMS, lauded all who have supported these nurses for the achievement witnessed yesterday.

“We really need these 79 Registered Nurses during this time of the Pandemic to support the governments effort to prevent covid-19,” said Larui.

Elizabeth Sifoni one of the nurses who have received her full registration yesterday said “I am very happy to have received my part two Nurse registration today (yesterday) because I have achieved a goal in life which has pushed me to another chapter. I hope that I will try my very best to serve the people of this nation, Solomon Islands according to Nurse Protocols.”

The registration ceremony of the 79 nurses was held yesterday at the St Barnabas Cathedral, in Honiara.