70 students from Vanuatu this weekend for SINU


About 70 students from Vanuatu will arrive this weekend to commence study at Solomon Islands National University (SINU) this year.

This was announced by SINU Chancellor Sir Dr Nathan Kere at the inauguration ceremony of SINU third Vice Chancellor Professor Transform Aqorau held yesterday at Friendship Hall, Panatina Campus.

“About 70 pioneer international students from Vanuatu would arrive this weekend entering SINU this year.

“The epitome of these achievements is now the inauguration of our new Vice Chancellor today.

“We decide to have a proper and transparent beginning to provide our new Vice Chancellor the platform from which he informs all of us and the nation his passionate visions and missions for our University, as the top tertiary institution for learning, inquiry and research in Solomon Islands.

“I am elated at these achievements made during these recent difficult years and indeed it make me proud to be your SINU Chancellor,” The SINU Chancellor said

Sir Dr Nathan Kere said SINU has indeed gone through several serious challenges in the last few years including the covid-19 pandemic, but he said he is pleased that SINU has gone through and thanked everyone for their serious commitment to the reform by the senior management and the Council.

“We know have new SINU outlooks indicating improvements through the whole of SINU as specified in our current 5-year strategic plans.

“A new look SINU Council being led by the Pro Chancellor Dr Morgan Wairiu.

“We have new and qualified academic staff, professors and experienced PHD graduates and new experienced corporative staff members.

“All have been engaged through the normal due processes. Equally important, SINU is embarking on a new academic programme consistent with international academic standards.”

Meanwhile, it was revealed that most if not all of the Vanuatu students will undertake nursing programmes at SINU starting this year.

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