66-yo gets six years jail time

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A 66-year-old man who accidently killed a 39-year-old at Yandina in 2017 following a row over the price of a packet sugar has been sent to jail for six years.

Abrahma Kevaru was sentenced by High Court judge Justice Leonard Maina for one count of manslaughter.

The court heard that Mr Kevaru on July 8, 2017 accidently stabbed the victim in Yandina, Russell Islands.

On the day of the incident the deceased gave his son $50 to buy five packets of sugar at the Kevaru’s canteen.

The son went to the canteen and Kevaru’s wife served the boy; she told him that if he bought two packets of sugar the price would be $8 per packet and once five packets of sugar, the price would be $10 per packet.

The son bought five packets of sugar and went back to their house without any change; upon seeing no change and being told about the price variance, the deceased told his son to return the packets of sugar and refund the money.

However, when the son went to the canteen the accused did not want to refund the money; the son went back to his father and told him about it.

It was at that time the deceased was not happy and came to the accused to request refund.

When the deceased approached the accused, the accused was peeling cassava with a small knife outside his house and the deceased came arguing in front of the canteen’s counter.

It was when the accused approached him in front of the counter, the deceased pulled the accused’s shirt; at that time the accused was still holding on to the small knife in his right hand.

Court also said that it was that time as a result of their struggle the small knife inflicted onto the deceased’s chest.

Justice Maina said the Doctor’s report confirmed that the deceased died from the injury on his chest.

Therefore, after assessing ,considering all the circumstances of the case, Maina imposed six years sentence for Kevaru.