600+ from Makira-Ulawa stranded in Honiara

The roundabout at the Honiara City Council
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More than 600 people of Makira-Ulawa province are stranded in Honiara.

Authorities say two repatriation trips had already left for the province, taking back more than 300 in total.

This was confirmed by John Harara, health director for the Province in a recent Ministry of Health virtual talkback show.

 “About 622 people from Makira/Ulawa province stranded in Honiara are still waiting to go home,” Harara said.

“Two vessels have already sailed to Makira/Ulawa province and brought home more than 300 passengers. These vessels navigated to Central Makira and West Makira.

“Regarding testing and quarantine procedures for Makira people stranded in Honiara and waiting to go home, they will go for home Isolation if they are tested positive.

Further to that PDOC for Makira Ulawa have visited communities in in Makira/Ulawa province and make people aware of the measures they (communities) will adhere to when passengers reach their communities.

He echoed the above statement at the recent Ministry of Health and Medical Services talkback show on the SIBC.