Isabel swears in its 1st female premier


ISABEL province has declared its first female Premier, Rhoda Sikilabu at Buala yesterday.

Her victory is also the first in Solomon Islands, a country dominated by male leaders at both national and provincial political levels, since independence in 1978.

After entering provincial politics since 2006 for Sigana ward, a position she held until today, Rhoda has managed to convince her male colleagues in the camp for the Premier’s post.

This was after former Premier, Leslie Kikolo tendered his resignation on Monday after three of his members have resigned and joined the other camp.

Speaking after her victory, Rhoda said the country has achieved a female leader today that comes out particularly from a matrilineal culture of Isabel province.

She strongly believed that if it is contested on the number game, it would be difficult for a change.

However, she said her camp has a common understanding after seeing her output and convinced to give her the change in the leadership.

She said her victory is a model for aspiring women leaders to follow.

“I can’t do it alone.

“I will try my best do a bit of change before the election,” she added.

Rhoda said her new Executive members have just sworn in and will sit in the coming days to discuss their policies and programmes for the remaining years.

Outgoing Premier, Leslie Kikolo congratulated Rhoda on her election and urged all members to work together for the good of the province and its people.

Kikolo said all the allegations levelled against him have no basis, but he decided to step down because he no longer has the number to support him.

Island Sun understands there are few women representatives in other provinces.

In the 50-seat National Parliament, women representatives are Lanelle Tanangada, Freda Rotutafi Rangirei, Ethel Vokia and Lily Maefai.

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