40 percent of 108k AstraZeneca vaccine to come first

AstraZeneca vaccine. Photo by NDTV.
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COVAX facility will be offering 40 percent of the approved AstraZeneca vaccine in the next quarter to support the country’s effort against covid-19.

Dr Yogesh Choudhri, technical advisor to the Ministry pf Health and Medical Services, confirmed this during the latest radio talkback show on Sunday.

Choudhri said 60 percent of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be released in the second quarter.

“We received a communique from COVAX facility that they be offering us 108,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine for the period of next six months. 40 percent of the vaccine will come in the next quarter and the rest 60 percent will come in the second quarter,” he said.

“The country’s application when the COVAX initially sort expression of interest from us for the Pfizer vaccine for the 0.25 percent of the 108,000 to be vaccinated. That application was not approved they instead offered the communique for 108,000 doses for AstraZeneca vaccine.”

Pauline McNeil, permanent secretary to Health Ministry, said they have drafted a policy document on the vaccines which will be submitted to caucus this week and to cabinet as well.

McNeil said the draft has been finalised and work is now ongoing to put the caucus paper together

She said in terms of the plan of the vaccination, the national deployment vaccination plan is now done.

“We submitted it to COVAX facility to have access to the hundred and eight thousand doses of AstraZeneca so that is pretty much confirmed for that number of doses,” said McNeil.