2 breached SOPE

Permanent Secretary for ministry of health Pauline McNeil.
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TWO foreigners have breached State of Public Emergency (SOPE).

Pauline McNeil, permanent secretary to Ministry of Health said these two breached the State of Public Emergency “in the sense that they were not allowed to disembark the vessel”.

She said they disembarked the vessel and went to a neighbouring village opposite Noro Port, Western Province.  

“They went to nearby village opposite Noro port so we reactivated Western Province Health team who have to follow up on the incident, take their swabs and also swabs of the four local contacts.

“Their test was done at the Gizo hospital and all six tests detected negative,” she said.

McNeil adds that the country’s official covid-19 record still stands at 18.

“Out of that 18 we still have four accommodated and monitored at our central field hospital (Multi-purpose hall). Of that four two are from the UK who have been staying for a longer period of time.

“The additional new one is from the Philippines third repatriation flight and the last patients is the Malaita case reactivation,” she said.

McNeil said for those who have been repatriated from Manila, the health authorities have picked up three reactivated cases.

“These cases have been previous positive in Manila and negative before the date they left for Honiara but they are reactivated when testing was done in Honiara.

“This trio did not count on top of the 18 recorded cases in the country,” said McNeil.

The above sentiment was uttered at the latest covid-19 radio talkback show on Sunday.